The project ARACU (Archivo de Rap y Hip Hop Cubano), is being realized with the support of the Ministry of Science and Culture of North Rhine-Westphalia, federal state of the Federal Republic of Germany and in consultation with the Loeb Music Library of the Harvard University.


Currently, it is under an advanced state of development in collaboration with the Cuban musicians and producers Pablo Herrera Veitia and Malcoms Junco Duffay, both of them recognized authors and intellectuals in the field of Cuban rap music.


The archive includes every audiovisual footage available, plus graphics, artworks and literature. Nonetheless, it is focused on the oral testimony which rap music represents: The true history of Cuba between revolution, embargo and special period. 


One of our principal topics within this unique and authentic narrative, is the role of woman within Cuban rap music and the island's society.


Given the actual situation of the pandemic, which doesn't allow access to big parts of the territory of Cuba, the project had to be put on hold until it will be possible again to realize the necessary excursions and investigation. 


Meanwhile, we broaden our presence with the website and the creation of a non-profit association with the goal to be a worthy and capable representation of this vast and valid cultural testimony.