Joe Wentrup (Arnsberg, 1966)


lived after his high school graduation for various years in Cologne, where he became notorious as a graphics designer and organizer of underground parties.


In the mid 90s he ended up in Cuba. This left such a lasting impression on him, that he stayed connected to the country as a music promoter, tourist guide and filmmaker.


After the millennium, he became interested in scriptwriting, deepening its techniques from 2009 to 2010 in the writer’s workshop in the Filmhaus Köln (Filmhouse Cologne).


One of the results was a collaboration with the cuban film academy FAMCA, where he gave various workshops and got his book published Técnicas Básicas del Guión Audiovisual (Basic Techniques of an audiovisual Script).


2014 the first edition of his crime novel Hölle in Himmel (Hell in Heaven) was published by the german publisher Schmitz Verlag Nordstrand. Ever since he’s writing for the publisher Oktober Verlag, where in 2016 appeared the second edition of “Hölle in Himmel” and the following novel Kahlbergs Talfahrt (Kahlberg’s Descent).


2018 the publishing house Oktober Verlag published the new crime novel from the Kahlberg-crime-series: Im Bann der Schwarzen Sonne (Under the Spell of the Black Sun).


Since 2020 he's working on the Cuban hip hop archive ARACU together with Pablo Herrera Veitia and Malcoms Junco Duffay. Actually, he is also working on his first novel written in Spanish.